I love making Snowballs because when you roll the mixture into balls your hands get all sticky. (I usually lick my hands… after I’m done of course).


INGREDIENTS: 3 packets of Orgran Outback Animals ‘Vanilla’ Biscuits, 3 tblspns cocoa, 3 tblspns desiccated coconut, 1 tin of dairy free condensed milk that you can make yourself or there is a good soy condensed milk, extra desiccated coconut

METHOD: Finely crush biscuits. Add all the other ingredients to the crushed biscuits except the extra coconut. Mix thoroughly. Roll small amounts into bite size balls. Roll the balls in the extra desiccated coconut.

IMG_2667                  IMG_2669

Line tray (or container) with baking paper and place balls on tray. Place in freezer to set.

These freeze really well and are ready to serve straight from the freezer. They are great party treats and a yummy snack on the go.

Makes approx. 60 snowballs


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