The Polly Woodside Experience

The holidays are here!! Yippee!! Mum and Lukas (my brother) and I always sit together and try and work out some special things that we really want to do over the holidays… A little while ago we went to Polly Woodside. Lukas my brother loves big tall ships. He has a replica of a British tea clipper ship called the Cutty Sark that was built in 1869. With the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 the Cutty Sark only had a short career as a tea clipper and she quickly became one of the fastest sailing ships to do the wool trade run from Australia to England. We found out that this ship is now moored as a beautifully restored ship in Greenwich, England. Lukas would love to go and see the real Cutty Sark in England. But I don’t think that this will be an excursion for these holiday 🙂

The Polly Woodside is located at South Wharf on the banks of the Yarra River next to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and the Melbourne Convention Centre. We visited the Polly Woodside recently and were lucky enough to stumble upon the first Sunday of the month. Each first Sunday of the month you can dress as a pirate and come to the Polly Woodside to help the pirates aboard the ship to search for hidden treasure, play tug of war and have your face painted. It’s was sooooo much fun. I had a ball! My favourite bit about being at Polly Woodside was that there were people dressed up as pirates and they gave out pirate tattoos. Lukas and I got a pirate tattoo. My dad got a pirate tattoo also. The pirates were funny as when they put the tattoo on my dad they said “Arrrrrhg! Hardy harrr haaarrrr… Whoops… that might have been the permanent tattooo!” It was funny!!

And when they fired the canon ball we got to scare the people walking along the South Wharf banks. I got to steer the ship…


We played tug of war, we scrubbed the decks and we got to do a treasure hunt finding gold coins. The boat was really big and we were able to explore the different sections of the beautiful boat and the kitchen the cook cooked in…

We got to explore the small bunk beds that the crew slept in. It was really interesting. I even got to have a pirates scar painted on my arm!

There were no food activities on the Polly Woodside boat which was great as a day trip for me. We packed a picnic lunch and ate on the banks of the Yarra… it was a fun day!! Maybe you might like to enjoy the Polly Woodside these holidays? Have fun me hearties!!!


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