Anaphylaxis… Know the Signs and Symptoms and Treatment


You know what they say…. Education is knowledge… knowledge is power… It is so important in this day and age with allergies in Australia rising at such an epidemic rate… that we all do our part to raise awareness and educate others including not only those who live with food allergies and those that are within our direct circle but the wider community. This is our mission at Oliver’s Choice. Oliver wanted to let other kids around his age and younger know that it is ok to live with severe food allergies. That with good planning there is very little that you have to be afraid of or not experience. But another of our missions is to educate the wider public into truly understanding what it is like to live with severe food allergies on a daily basis and how best they are able to assist us in doing that in the most safe and empathetic way…

There are some amazing doctors and organisations out there that are leading the cause in this drive to educate the world globally of this relatively new epidemic. Dr. Allan Becker, Professor of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the University of Manitoba in Canada is one of those such doctors. Within this short youtube video he discusses the signs and symptoms of anaphylactic reactions, and what to do in the case of an anaphylactic reaction. Being aware and educated of the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis is the first line in helping save a person that is having a severe allergic reaction. The second is knowing what to do in such a case. This youtube clip is a must see for everyone (3:46).

A great organisation in leading the education of severe food allergies is The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in the USA. The NIAID “conducts and supports research to better understand, prevent and treat food allergies”. They understand food allergy to the nth degree and offer tips on how to manage the condition very well. Here is a great youtube video that they have created to help in “Understanding Food Allergy” (2:38).

NIAID board have also created “Guidelines for the Diagnosis and the Management of Food Allergy” in the United States which is a summary for patients, families, and caregivers on what to know about anaphylaxis, signs and symptoms and treatment of anaphylaxis. Any guideline enables and helps in the overall consistency of treatment and risk minimising of food allergies. Dr. Ruchi Gupta is an absolutely amazing American Paediatrician who took the time to create a catchy and very educational youtube video summarising the NIAID guidelines. As it is so catchy and entertaining the information remains with us for a long time… GO Dr. G and the Disco Kids in “I WILL THRIVE!” (4:10)… A video to improve food allergy management… well worth watching!

Hope that these are all helpful resource videos that you can go back to on multiple occasions to revise your knowledge about prevention, what is an allergic reaction, signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and/or treatment of anaphylaxis…

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