Day 2 Thermomix Challenge…

You know the saying… “Many hands make light work”… that’s my motto for today… Day 2 of the thermomix challenge… another glorious, warm day here filled with gardening, beaching, swimming and having fun! Luckily enough we have a thermomix as time got away from us having all this fun and dinner was upon us in no time… I pulled all hands on deck to get on top of the dinner action. I got the hubby, who loves to cook, but unfortunately never has any time to do any cooking, straight onto the main… and I put my 2 little squirrels in charge of dessert. I was in charge of …??? in charge of…??? setting the table! YAY! Today looks like it’s a day off for me 🙂 🙂 🙂 Wow! I am really starting to love Hermie the Thermie!!!

Main tonight… chosen by Oliver’s dad… is… Singapore Noodles, straight from the ultimate Quirky Cooking Cookbook! The Singapore Noodles took no time to make and YUMMO… even though we tweaked it slightly to suit our needs. No egg obviously and no oyster sauce (only because Oliver’s shellfish Skin Prick Tests are all over the place, we just haven’t got around to testing this one on him as yet). We had to use soy noodles even though mung bean noodles would be absolutely fine for Oliver, we were not able to locate any at such short notice… some forward planning would be good this thermomix challenge week 🙂 Now I understand why Jude Blereau used to always advise me to meal plan!

IMG_4080 IMG_4083

Oliver’s review… “I LOVED them! Yum! Yum! Yum!” That recipe was so easy and definitely a keeper!! You might be able to enjoy them too soon… if you win the Quirky Cooking cookbook in our give away! This recipe gave us all (x2 adults and x2 kids) a decent bowl full and then a couple of people (not naming any names 😉 ) had seconds AND there was enough for lunch for the two boys the next day… very impressive!

For dessert, Oliver’s brother made “Sticky Date Pudding” by Jenni B – Art and Life.

photo 1

Oliver is always envious of his brother when we are out eating as Sticky Date Pudding is his brother’s favourite dessert of all time. It always smells and looks so good Oliver says. Oliver always asks if we can make it the ‘Oliver special way’… so today we thought we would give it a go… The Jenni B’s version of Sticky Date Pudding (for recipe click on highlight) is a dairy-free, egg-free, wheat-free (if you use wheat-free SRF) version. Perfect for our family. We used 50g of apple puree per x1 egg substitute (total of 100g of apple puree). The best thing about this recipe is that we got to use the whole of the thermomix including the Veroma. I have never used the Veroma before and I have read so often on Quirky Cooking’s blog how we shouldn’t underestimate this part of the thermomix! And after tonight I must agree whole heartedly!

photo 2

We all loved this version of the Sticky Date Pudding especially with Oliver feeling like he is a part of the Sticky Date Pudding party now… one thing you must keep in mind with this version… is although it tastes beautiful and the Veroma created amazingly moist, light and fluffy puddings…

photo 2

…the flavour of the caramel is of a coconut aroma due to the coconut cream that is used in the recipe. Next time we might try it with soy milk and see if we can recreate more of the authentic original flavours of the Sticky Date Pudding! But seriously for the speediness, easiness, tastes and textures of this recipe, it gets a double thumbs up from us!!


Something else that I was very impressed with was that even though we cooked up a storm we only had the thermomix, a chopping board and some knives to wash unlike a mountain of pots and pans like I normally have… big plus!! 


We, (Oliver’s family) will ‘attempt’ to make at least something in the Thermomix each day for the next 7 days that is #dairyfree, #eggfree, #wheatfree, and #nutfree and post the end result… AHHH!
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4 Replies to “Day 2 Thermomix Challenge…”

  1. We are egg and dairy free. The best find I have made is my ‘béchamel sauce’ – so easy. Chop the white part of 1 leek 10 sec, sp 5. Add 1 tablesp coconut oil and sauté for 2 mins on 100 degrees, speed 1. Add 400g cauliflower and blitz approx 20 sec, speed 7. Add 250g water and 1-2 tablespoons homemade vegetable stock concentrate. Cook for 20 mins, speed 1, 100 degrees. Add 2 tablespoons coconut milk and puree until completely smooth – approx 1 minute, speed 9. This is the topping on lasagne, it is the base in chicken pie, it is the sauce in creamy tuna pasta / tuna mornay. Obviously you would need to use GF substitutes for the pasta components in these dishes. You can add some nutritional yeast also if you want it to taste more cheesy.

    1. Oh wow thanks so much for that awesome thermomix ‘béchamel sauce’ recipe Kate! We will be definitely adding that to our stockpile of recipes!!! 🙂

        1. Yep Kate! Thanks so much for the tip! I have been waiting all week to refine my thermomix skills to be able to make this Fish Mornay. Thanks 🙂 It was YUM! And so many great vegetables .

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