Energy Drinks and Baked Beans – Day 4 Thermomix Challenge

Kids back at school today and I would have thought that my day would have had so many more hours in it… but no… for some reason it felt like less…? I suppose it is all the driving here and there and everywhere. Back to the routines and structure of the daily grind… with the kids arriving home starving! So energy drinks all round…

Oliver loves the banana energy drink that I made and created in Day 1 of the thermomix challenge so he wanted that one after school. Here’s the recipe for that…

Banana Smoothie

INGREDIENTS: handful of ice, x1 banana (frozen if you remember to put it in the freezer the day before otherwise not a problem), 250ml of rice milk, dash of maple syrup, calcium supplement (optional)

METHOD: I use a thermomix but you can easily use a food processor for this recipe. Put the ice and the banana into the thermomix bowl and mix for 20 seconds on speed 8-10. Add all the other ingredients to the thermomix bowl and mix for 20 seconds on speed 9. It’s as easy as that! Enjoy!!


And his brother wanted the Winter Energy Boost Drink that I have already blogged at the start of this past Winter. Click on link to see how that one is created.


For dinner we had baked potatoes with thermomix homemade Baked Beans!! The Baked Beans recipe that I used was one from the Quirky Cooking blogspot but there is a slightly varied one in the Quirky Cooking Cookbook also… that is… the cookbook that is up for grabs in the 7 Day Thermomix Challenge 🙂 This recipe of homemade Baked Beans was super easy and fast to make. All done and dusted in a total of 20 minutes. I omitted the water and only added x1 bay leaf just to suit the palates of my children. Also, make sure that your bacon is wheat-free/gluten-free. My kids loved this recipe and again this one will be a keeper in our thermomix recipe stockpile. We will be using this as a breakfast favourite also as we love savoury for breakfast. By the way this recipe made plenty for x4 baked potatoes, school lunches for the boys tomorrow and some extra to freeze 🙂 🙂 🙂

Baked Potato

Method: Scrub potatoes. Pierce x4 150g potatoes with a fork approx. 2 cm apart on each side of the potato to allow steam to escape. Roll potato in olive oil and roll in course salt. Bake on oven racks until tender. As a rough guide bake for 45mins @ 200 degrees Celsius (fan forced 45mins @ 180 degrees Celsius).



We, (Oliver’s family) will ‘attempt’ to make at least something in the Thermomix each day for the next 7 days that is #dairyfree, #eggfree, #wheatfree, and #nutfree and post the end result… AHHH!
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