The 7 Day Thermomix Challenge! Day 1…

As an allergy mum you spend a lot of your time in the kitchen especially when you have a ‘free of’ family like ours… and a child that is allergic to dairy, wheat, egg, rye, peanuts and tree nuts. Initially, I wasn’t aware of how to cook to the extent that I know now. I had to learn… and learn fast… and I am always looking for short cuts that everyone else has… My shortcuts consist of having things in the freezer, ready to go, for when I am too busy to spend hours in the kitchen.

My sister, almost 8 years ago, recommended a Thermomix to me. She said that it would change my world… would make things so much easier for me…  she had one and was enjoying what she could do with it and how it really improved their lifestyle. I was not so convinced… I think, what she didn’t realise… is when you say that to an allergy mum… I was thinking that it would do it ALL for me! She tried to convince me that by having one it would save me so much time and allow me to prepare so many things from scratch… Jude Blereau, my food coach, also recommended the Thermomix but I still was not convinced that the outlay would warrant the benefits… especially with all the restrictions we had with our diet…  A lot of the flours that we could make and benefit from by grinding whole grains we could not make. A lot of the ‘milks’ that people were making from scratch we could not make… Eventually, I became friends with Jo from Quirky Cooking, and I followed her posts for almost a year. From the advice I had from my sister and Jude and from the posts that I had watched I thought that I could get my ‘money’s worth’ out of purchasing a Thermomix. I got one and I was disappointed… but it wasn’t because of the machine… I think that it was because I didn’t have the time to understand the machine, my expectations were way too high… or I hadn’t taken the time to get to know how to make new recipes with the Thermomix… like you need to do with any new machine…

I could’t connect to the Thermomix… so we gave it a name… Hermie the Thermie 😉 The kids loved Hermie as they were able to cook and food create independently and feel that they were ‘grown up’. But I still couldn’t connect with Hermie as I couldn’t find the time that you need when attempting any new recipe and starting out with any new kitchen appliance…

Now I am making the time… after following Quirky Cooking blog and FB page for so long and seeing the benefits that you can get out of using the Thermomix I need to put the time and effort into using it to see how I can make it work best for our family. Also, I need to not have such high expectations of a kitchen appliance… You shouldn’t expect that you can throw all ingredients into a machine and a 3 course meal will come out 😉 So… new expectations… I think that if I am able to use the Thermomix for at least one meal/snack per day or even one meal per every couple of days that over the years that the purchase price will be worth it.

Today is day 1 of my 7 day challenge of using the Thermomix… by giving myself a challenge, it means that I have to use the Thermomix on a daily basis and connect with Hermie and ultimately learn how to use it… and then I will know and a have a stockpile of recipes that I will feel comfortable in making and will be great for our family. I then will not hesitate to experiment further with Hermie in the future as I will have built up my confidence…

Today was a glorious Spring/Summer day… it was the first day that everyone was really itching to get down to the beach for a swim. 27 degrees Celsius. Definitely a great day for the beach! The kids had their soccer presentations… and then we headed straight down to the beach. It was beautiful! They swam in the ocean, used their boogie boards, surfed, made sandcastles and played with their friends that we met down there.


We ended up having an impromptu afternoon tea at home, that led into dinner… what to have? What to have?? I was thinking… I must use the Thermomix… it’s day 1 of my challenge… but what to do? I wasn’t feeling confident but thought… I must give it a go… I ended up whipping up some cool, energy driven, smoothies that the kids loved and some guacamole (click on highlighted link for recipes) and hummus (without the tahini or agave) for everyone to enjoy with some corn chips and a mix of cut up fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and red pepper… ALL in the Thermomix… and all in a matter of minutes… I wanted to keep it simple on day 1 and with having visitors I didn’t (yet) have the confidence to do anything too fancy… but… so far so good with the challenge 🙂 we did follow it up with a bbq 😉


Ok here it goes…
We will ‘attempt’ to make at least something in the Thermomix each day for the next 7 days that is #dairyfree, #eggfree, #wheatfree, and #nutfree and post the end result… AHHH!
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9 Replies to “The 7 Day Thermomix Challenge! Day 1…”

  1. I don’t have children with allergies but I set myself a similar challenge when I got my Thermomix. I vowed to use it every day for a whole month and it was the best thing I did. It “forced” me to make the time to use it and get to know it and I love it! I’ve now had it for 7 and a half months (wow, time flies)! I used it this morning to soft boil an egg for breakfast and I’ll be whipping up some cupcakes in it soon and then some custard for some cannoli to take to a party! Best of luck with your challenge xx

    1. That’s sounds amazing Cathy. Congratulations. I have had mine for 8 months now and have not used it much at all. Wish I had of done exactly like you had in the beginning. But I am here now and hope to be where you are at the end of the 7 day challenge and continuing from there on … 🙂

  2. Hi ‘Oliver’s choice’, I’m the same – use the Thermie for mashed potatoes and custard, but it’s being used less and less. I need to make the effort to find more recipes that really suit us. We have found a lot of recipes end up a bit mushy -bolognese sauce, for one, and there isn’t a depth of flavour that can be found in other methods of cooking.
    PS The cashew and sun dried tomato dip recipe in the basic cookbook always gets me rave reviews, as the ‘best dip ever tasted’. I do need a bit of help…………
    Annelies xx

    1. I know what you mean Annelies. I’ve even had trouble making the basics like mash in the thermomix. I have decided that I must just concentrate on recipes that are new to me. This takes extra time in the beginning but in the end hope to have loads of new recipes that I can add to the stockpile of recipes to go to and I am then not comparing traditional stove top recipes that I have been making and loving for years to the thermomix version! It was a big change in my mindset but has helped me a lot in my bonding with Hermie the Thermie 🙂

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