I went to CAMP!!!

It’s Oliver here… Well this post is for all the severe food allergy kids out there (& their families of course) that are about to or planning on going on school camp… I was really, really excited that I was able to go on school camp like all of my friends but I also had some concerns…

Off to camp video… 

I was really excited because this was a great opportunity to get to know some of my school friends better and make some new friends also and there was also going to be a night walk in the forest that I couldn’t wait to do…

My concerns were that there was going to be food served that had some of my major allergens in it. This made me nervous so I chose to sit on a table away from the food and by myself. I felt safer doing this. It got a bit lonely so I asked a couple of my friends if they could come and sit with me once they were done eating. I did eventually realise that I was safe and didn’t need to sit by myself but I felt better doing it.

All the teachers and my mum made sure that we packed many of my Epipens as well as my ventolin and anti-histamine just in case I needed them. I knew all the teachers that were going on camp and all the kids and teachers know me and about my severe food allergies… so I knew I would be safe.

To make the camp even safer for me my mum packed all the food that I was going to need for the whole camp. Even my own safe marshmallows for the camp fire at night. I wasn’t going to miss out on that fun!


All the other camp activities were carefully planned so that they were safe for me and I could participate in all of them! This was so great! I especially loved the night walk and the Talent Quest.

Now to finish this blog post I want to tell you how to do the magic trick that I performed at the camp Talent Quest. Things that you are going to need… a pocket full of coins… that’s all you will need…Then make a big show of picking a handful of coins from your pocket and then pretend to pick one coin out of the handful of coins. Return the rest into your pocket. Then pretend to be throwing the pretend coin from hand to hand and when you catch the pretend coin make a slapping sound like you are catching the actual coin. Then click your fingers that you have the pretend coin in and open your hand. Someone in the audience will probably say… ‘It’s in the other hand’… open the other hand and hopefully the audience will gasp and give you an applause… and then you bow 🙂

Btw… we didn’t end up pranking the girls… 😉

Thanks to all the amazing teachers and staff that made this camp possible and safe for Oliver to attend 🙂 To think at the start of the year we really thought that Oliver wouldn’t be attending the camp at all… in the middle of the year we thought… hmmm?? maybe he can go if one of us went with him… and then in term 4 not only was Oliver more independent and ready to go himself but the amount of work that everyone did in planning and preparation made it possible for him to attend by himself, safely and happily! With anything in a severe food allergy child’s world you need to assess seriously, forward plan, plan, plan, risk minimise and always have an Emergency Response Plan. You need to also do a Risk Assessment and weigh up if it is possible and safe. And for every severe food allergy child there is a different risk assessment needed and completed as with severe food allergies everyone is very individual and very different…

A great reference book in your planning and preparation for when your severe food allergy child is looking at going on camp is the: Preparing for Camp & Overnight School Trips with Food Allergies book by Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia.

Hope you have fun when you get to go on camp too!!!


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  1. So exciting to read and see your video about going on Camp Oliver!! So glad it went well. You look so fabulous and I wanted to say, how lucky you are to have such a fantastic mum who helps all your dreams come true!! The team work you guys do is incredible and I am always humbled by knowing how much work goes into your lifestyle and yet you Oliver are worth everysingle minute, second, and more of the creativity that your mummy does!! You just glow!! Well done! Can’t wait to catch up and hear more about camp!! Your friends, Zanna and Kaylan go early November!!

    1. Yep Megan this is what always happens even on the rare occasion that we eat at a restaurant… we always all end up agreeing that Oliver ended up with the best dish… again!! 🙂

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