Coconut Apricot Slice

It’s a glorious Summer like day here today… just beautiful! The air is clear, the sky is that blue, blue, blue… a day where you just want to spring out of bed to start the day and make the most out of life! And to make it even more spectacular it’s Saturday and the waves are up! It doesn’t get much better than this. The boys head out to catch some waves while I sit on the beach and watch and soak in the splendour of the natural beauty that surrounds me… Summer reminds me of so many things… Coconut is just one of them and Coconut Apricot Slice is another… Oliver’s Nonna makes the best coconut apricot slice and I have fond memories of eating it in the Summer months as a child… so we decided to make an ‘Oliver friendly’ version that we can enjoy all together…


Coconut Apricot Slice

INGREDIENTS: 250g chopped preservative free dried apricots, x3 packets of Orgran vanilla Outback Animal biscuits crushed, x1 can of soy condensed milk, ½ tsp vanilla essence, 125g wheat-free marshmallows chopped, 2 cups preservative free desiccated coconut & extra desiccated coconut


IMG_3943METHOD: Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.


Roll into 4 long rolls. Coat with extra coconut.


Refrigerate and when cold cut into slices.


This is a great recipe to freeze and to take out as you need. Have fun!! Btw… I forgot to take photos while we were making this today… so we had to use some old ones which were obviously taken in the colder months… sorry!

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