Meal Planning

Meal Planning is not only a weekly event in our house, it is a necessity to lower the stress levels in this day and age where our lives are all so busy. A meal plan is something that keeps us focused and on track for the week ahead in relation to our family meals. A meal plan also helps us stay on track and not waste food and allows for us to not over buy when we are out and about shopping for groceries…

This week like most other weeks we have a hectic week ahead with after school orchestra concerts, choir concerts, meetings and more… so it is crucial for us to have a meal plan planned out and in place right at the start of the week to keep us on track. We cannot afford to have a busy day and then not have a meal thought through, prepared and ready as we are not able to reach into the freezer for a frozen pizza or drive past a fast food restaurant on our way home after the concert… nor would we want to really…

We try to sit as a family on a Sunday and work out what is feasible with timing and what is on in the upcoming week and from there what requests and favourites for the week ahead are put forwarded. From there we put together a meal plan. On Mondays I head out and do the weeks worth of shopping from my grocery list that I created from the meals that we have chosen…

This weeks Meal Plan is:

Monday: Pumpkin/Vegetable Soup – Oliver is a bit under the weather so he wants a soup to soothe him and make him feel better

Tuesday: Shepherd’s Pie and vegetables – made from the left over lamb roast we had on Sunday night. We have no time to return home after school to return back to school for orchestra/choir concert so this will be easy to pack in our thermos

Wednesday: Spaghetti Bolognese – I have a meeting tonight so no time to cook tonight. This is my fast food. I always have bolognese sauce in the freezer ready to go!

Thursday: BBQ Chicken Thigh Fillets with Fried Rice

Friday: Tuna Vegetable Patties

Saturday:  Quirky Cooky Paprika Chicken & with Creamy Paprika Sauce – we will replace the raw cashews with cauliflower and see how it goes 🙂

Sunday: Roast Pork with roast vegetables

Baking: Carrot Cake, Banana Muffins



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