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We believe in knowing where our food comes from… Knowing and understanding what ingredients are in our food is important for everyone but especially important for children with food allergies. Choosing local produce or growing your own is a great start to understanding where our food comes from… Even helping in the kitchen and creating simple dishes helps in understanding what goes into making a finished product and why we use certain ingredients in particular dishes or baked goods… Making good decisions not only helps keep me safe but helps to look after our planet 🙂

This year I am learning about our world that we live in. The plants, the animals, our environment and the sustainability of it all. I am lucky enough to have an amazing school garden and throughout the year I hope to share with you all what is in season and some fun things that I can create with the seasonal produce of the garden. 

I met celebrity Costa Georgiadis at school and he lectured us about nature and the environment. He said that you can’t just dump plastic anywhere you want. It’s bad for the environment. With no environment there is no us because we feed off the environment to stay alive and without it there wouldn’t be any food for us to eat or water to drink and without stuff to eat or drink we would starve and dehydrate. There are some ways to avoid using too much plastic. For example local organic food shops normally sell un-packaged food to buy or if possible you could just grow your own food. We should plant seeds now so that we can have more trees in the future so that we can have more habitats for animal families. Another way to lessen our plastic is to create food from scratch by using your own home grown food. Nude food days are great! I’ll share my nude food lunchbox ideas with you all every now and then too. Using packaging that is reusable is also fantastic. And taking your own bags shopping helps too… 


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