Hot Cross Buns! ~ Wheat-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free


Hot cross buns, hot cross buns…

One a penny, two a penny…

Hot cross buns…

This English nursery rhymn brings back lovely memories as I always sang it to my children when they were little and it always sticks in ours heads every time we bake hot cross buns together. A hot cross bun is the English spiced bun that has a cross on it and is traditionally made on Good Friday. We have been working on a wheat-fee, egg-free, dairy-free hot cross bun recipe for ages. And after many failures and some ever so close successes we finally happy to share with you all a recipe that we are very happy with and hope you will enjoy too…

Making home made wheat-free hot cross buns can be tedious due to the lack of gluten in the wheat-free flour. To make hot cross buns all light and fluffy we prefer to use our bread maker to make these just perfect. This recipe can be made by hand also but from the bread maker they are beautiful! One of the best reasons to make hot cross buns at home is that they are the absolute best when fresh out of the oven and as no bakery is open on Good Friday it is just perfect to make these ourselves…

Hot Cross Buns

2 tsp dry wheat-free yeast

4 cups wheat-free plain flour, extra for kneading

4 tbsp dairy-free milk

2 tbsp sugar

2 tsp salt

2 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp mixed spice

1 cup sultanas or currants (soaked optional)

45 g Nuttelex or coconut oil

350 ml lukewarm water

To make crosses 

1 cup wheat-free flour

150 ml water


Place the water and sugar into a large measuring jug. Dissolve the sugar. Add the yeast. Mix the yeast until it has blended into the mixture. Set aside in a warm place until the yeast has become active and formed a froth on top.

Pour the mixture into your bread maker basket. Add the other ingredients except the saoked fruit.

Set your bread make on dough mode ‘raisin beep’. If your bread maker does not have this setting add dried fruit to the mixture and set on dough mode. If it does have this setting add dried fruit at time of ‘beep’.

Once bread maker has made your dough all light and fluffy and it has finished remove dough from the bread maker basket onto a well floured bench or large bowl.


Bring dough together and knead lightly. Do not over knead.

Divide dough into 12 portions. Roll each portion into a ball. Place on baking paper on a tray or tin. Cover with plastic wrap and rest in a warm place for 30 mins.

Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

To make the crosses: Mix together the wheat-free flour slowly with the water. It should make a paste so not all the water may be needed. Put mixture intona piping bag or a zip lock bag and snip a small corner of the bag. Pipe crosses over the buns.


Bake in pre-heated oven for 20-25 mins.

To make the glaze: You can brush fresh, warm hot cross buns with honey or mix 1/3 cup of water with 2 tbs of caster sugar in a saucepan over low heat until sugar has dissolved. Brush glaze over buns.


Baker’s Note: Hot cross buns are best eaten warm & fresh out of the oven. For wheat-free hot cross buns this couldn’t be more accurate. If not eaten fresh put in freezer ready to eat once defrosted in lunch box, oven or microwave.



Happy Easter everyone!

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