Always Read Labels

Avoidance is key to staying safe when living with food allergies. It is therefore so important to always read labels. If you have food allergies or if you are buying a food for an allergy friend, you must ALWAYS read and understand what is in the product. Even if it is a product that you have bought and eaten before. Ingredients in a product can sometimes change without warning. We have been caught out by reading the ingredients of one packet and just grabbing a second packet that looks like the same product behind it without reading the second ingredient label properly. We try to not be in a hurry or stressed when we go grocery shopping. And Oliver helps now with reading labels. Teaching your child how to read labels over time leading by example is a wonderful gift to give an allergy child. We read labels as we are buying the product and then when we are putting it in the pantry. We also try to read the label when we use the product. If  you don’t understand the name of an ingredient look it up or don’t use it. Ingredients have many different names. For example in a product containing dairy, the dairy ingredient might be listed as: Ammonium caseinate, butter, calcium caseinate, casein delactosed whey, lactoalbumin, hydrolysed casein and many other names. And… if it doesn’t have a label on it don’t eat it! Never eat without your EpiPen.


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