Schools Out for Summer !

Schools out for Summer!! Our school year is over for 2015. We are all so excited!! For us it means Summertime fun.. No routines! Sleep ins. No driving back & forth! It’s long days at the beach. It’s picnics anywhere we want. It’s bike ride adventures. It’s surfing. It’s boogie boarding. It’s the Festive season. It’s BBQ’s with family & friends. It’s long days swimming in the pool! It’s slipping and sliding on our slip & slide.


It’s all about relaxing and having fun! It’s stopping and climbing a tree or 2…











It’s still packing lunch boxes as we take Oliver’s food everywhere we go but it’s a ‘sometimes thing’ & not an everyday grind!!


It’s a time for reflection.

It’s a time to be thankful.

It’s another safe school year done…


We have had a great year moving up to Middle School into the Enviro Year… where we thought if any school year would be a challenge this would be the year… we started with ‘bated breath’… but Oliver left the safety of the Junior School that he had become accustomed to with great confidence. He also left the school on many occasions to attend school excursions, when he attended his Yr 4 camp, he participated in ponding down by the river, he gardened and he was a part of the Yr 4 orchestra… Oliver also attended orientation day for 2016… all extremely successfully!

The preparation for each new school year starts the year before and it is always a journey but we again… together… achieved great things!

We are so thankful for Oliver’s teachers, friends, school nurses, extended teaching staff, extra curricular activity teachers… so many people that have made this year an especially amazing year of safety, growth and success for Oliver. For this we are eternally grateful xo

As Oliver’s mum I am also so thankful that I am able to work from home. My online business allows me to be there for Oliver anytime that he or the school needs me. And it makes my heart feel more at ease knowing that in case of any emergency I can be there… and I can spend every day of the holidays with him… so now…

It’s now time for relaxation. Less stress! Less worry…

It’s now a time to sit back and feel just like everyone else…

Have a happy & safe Summer everyone 🙂 🙂 🙂

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