Well first of all I should tell you my name. My name is Oliver. I was 8 when we started this page. I am now 11. I have severe anaphylactic food allergies. They are: dairy, wheat, egg, rye, peanuts and tree-nuts. I wanted to put up this blog so that I could tell you some of my recipes that I like to make and share with you some fun things that I like to do and places I like to go.

Oliver’s Choice is a blog that has been a work in progress for many years. It endeavours to share experiences, knowledge, ideas and recipes to help individuals, families and friends living with anaphylactic food allergies. The blog posts will be written by Oliver, his brother, his mother and his father. Therefore there will be many different perspectives about living with anaphylaxis.

Oliver is our 8 year old son, who at 7 months had a very scary, near fatal anaphylactic reaction to dairy when we tried to convert him from breast milk to formula milk. Prior to this we had no warning of Oliver having any food allergies. He had no eczema or asthma or any other warning signs. We have since then found out that he is anaphylactic to not only dairy but wheat, egg, rye, tree-nuts and peanuts.

Oliver’s Choice is about the choices Oliver makes in relation to his food allergies. It is a blog to connect and talk to other families like ours. To share ideas from a child’s perspective living with severe food allergies. The blog will also give an insight from a mother’s,  brother’s and a father’s point of view. We will post yummy food ideas for kids that are allergy friendly, recipes, day to day living ideas that we go through, places that Oliver visits, places that are allergy friendly, birthday party ideas and fun activities that Oliver enjoys. Oliver will talk about plane rides that he goes on, precautions that he takes, countries that he visits, the weeks of preparation that we have to do to be able to go on these journeys, destinations that he visits, and hopefully camps that he will go on…

We hope that this blog helps you in your journey…

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