My allergy friendly birthday adventures

IT’S  MY  BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I rush down-stairs and scoff up my breakfast so fast it could have won a world record.

Then I jump on the couch and start reading. After reading for a few minutes it’s time for me to pick my best friend James up to go to Ballarat so we could go to the Ballarat Wild Life Park and then go and have my party at Ballarat go-cartting and laser force.

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The Polly Woodside Experience

The holidays are here!! Yippee!! Mum and Lukas (my brother) and I always sit together and try and work out some special things that we really want to do over the holidays… A little while ago we went to Polly Woodside. Lukas my brother loves big tall ships. He has a replica of a British tea clipper ship called the Cutty Sark that was built in 1869. With the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 the Cutty Sark only had a short career as a tea clipper and she quickly became one of the fastest sailing ships to do the wool trade run from Australia to England. We found out that this ship is now moored as a beautifully restored ship in Greenwich, England. Lukas would love to go and see the real Cutty Sark in England. But I don’t think that this will be an excursion for these holiday 🙂

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Rock Climbing Party

Last week I had my birthday party at The Rock Adventure Centre in Geelong. It was AWSOME!!!

I got to climb lots of walls, swing from wall to wall on the harness and eat my birthday cake with all my friends from school. The guys there rock because they let us bring our own party food (which my mum prepared – see her recipes under party food). The team there was so friendly and helpful that I can’t wait to go back there for my next climb. At the Rock I also met Dan who is one of the instructors and has anaphylactic food allergies exactly like me. Here is a photo of Dan and me with our epi pens. We always have them on or near us, just in case!!