Cornish Pasties with Oliver’s Twist – dairy-free, wheat-free, egg-free, nut-free

As a busy mum I am always looking for lunchbox ideas that also pass as a wholesome, balanced meal. A parcel of goodness with as many of the 5 food groups in it as possible but still packed with yumminess. So when we created this yummy pouch of goodness, we were excited that it was an all in one creation that could pass as a meal, a snack, and most importantly a lunchbox creation full of goodness. Even though Oliver is not a huge fan of vegetables he loves these pasties that I sneak extra vegetables into. Hope that you enjoy them also…

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Turkey Meatballs covered in Red Pepper Sauce

Sometimes as an allergy mum I just want to make a toastie for dinner… a toasted sandwich… a toasted sandwich with cheese, a toasted sandwich with ham and cheese, a simple egg toastie or a baked bean toastie. I’m not sure if it’s the whole ease at which this wholemeal comes that I’m so attracted to or whether it’s the ‘fast food’ element of this home made dinner. A couple of pieces of ready made bread… put into a toasted sandwich maker… with the insides of your choice… and 5 minutes later… VOILA!! Dinner is served!! I’m not sure what the allurement of it all is… but tonight… I would just love to have the choice of making the kids a ‘toastie’!

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Speckauflauf – Bacon Pasta Bake – FREE of dairy, wheat, eggs, nuts

Oliver’s Dad and I are probably more excited about this latest creation than the kids 🙂 You know what they say… you can’t miss something that you’ve never had… Well… I think that’s the case here with Oliver… Oliver’s dad is Swiss and we were living in Switzerland in the early years of Oliver’s life… We were living there when Oliver had his first anaphylactic reaction at only 7 months. Once we had all the tests done and found out that Oliver was severely allergic to dairy, wheat, eggs, soy (at the time) and all nuts it was like living in a mind field… Gipfli (croissant), Bretzel (pretzel), Beuchermuesli, cheese, cheese, cheese, yogurt, every kind of bread you can think of and chocolate are just to name a few of the Swiss delicacies that are seen on every street corner and a staple in everyone’s house. They seemed to be everywhere… and in everything!! They would be a part of every snack and every meal… we soon learnt how to live without all these things that we loved so much… and we became very resourceful and creative so that some of our favourite dishes could be brought back into our lives… although slightly altered 😉 As for Oliver he doesn’t seem to yearn for these kinds of foods like we do… anything that’s too mock ‘creamy’ he doesn’t really like it… safe, non-dairy chocolate, he could take it or leave it… bread he isn’t fussed about, and yogurt (soy) he has grown to like after some time… so we often wonder if this is his body telling him to stay away from these tastes and textures or whether it’s a case that he doesn’t miss what he’s never had?? Recently, we were determined to recreate a family favourite of Oliver’s Dads… Specksuflauf – Creamy Bacon Pasta Bake. There was a cold snap in the weather the other week and we were craving this and we came up with gold… we managed to make something very similar that was dairy -free, egg-free and wheat-free. Hope that you like this new creation as much as we do 🙂

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Fish & Chips in newspaper!

I don’t know about you… but a lot of what I cook are the recipes that my mum cooked for all of us when we were kids and even still today… A lot of the things I love are the foods that I was raised on. A lot of the goodies that I want to recreate for Oliver are the things that I had as a child. So… fish and chips in newspaper was definitely something that Oliver wasn’t going to miss out on… It has taken me a while to get the right recipe and now I have a couple… We have worked out a thicker batter and a lightly coated batter. Enjoy!

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Left over Lamb Shepherd’s Pies

The weekends always bring with it great excitement in our house. We love the weekends for so many reasons and one of those reasons is that Oliver’s dad who loves to cook and is very good at cooking will go kitchen (or BBQ) cooking crazy… This past weekend was no exception… What this normally means though is that come Monday we are left with loads of left overs 🙂 There is nothing wrong with left overs if you know what interesting things to do with them… and this creation that we are having tonight is one of Oliver’s dad’s great creations from left over roast lamb.

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Day 7 Thermomix Challenge!!

Yes it’s day 7 of the thermomix challenge and we made it!!! What an experience… I will reflect on it over the next few days and let you know what were the highlights of the challenge. Today we thought that it was fitting to make something from the Quirky Cooking Cookbook… we made corn tortillas and chicken fajitas. We love (especially Oliver) finger foods where you can have a little of this and a little of that. So I knew that this would be a winner.

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Fish Mornay (Dairy-free) – Day 6 Thermomix Challenge

I like Thursdays for two reasons… firstly it is so close to Friday… and after Friday it’s the weekend 🙂 ! And the second reason… is that on Thursday the fresh fish comes straight off the boat and into our local larder. With this in mind I really felt like having fish tonight for dinner. Oliver’s Choice received a great comment from a OC friend and fellow allergy mum letting us know about an amazing ‘béchamel’ sauce recipe that she uses for lots of different and amazing dishes… lasagne, tuna pasta, chicken pie, just to name a few… so I thought YUM! I have not had fish mornay since we went dairy-free, egg-free and I would love that and I think that the kids would too!! And… we got to use the Varoma!!

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Marinade for BBQ Ribs with Risotto (rice-free) – Day 5 Thermomix Challenge

Today I made the mistake of asking the boys what they would like for dinner… ‘Ribs on the BBQ!’ they chorused… Hmmm?? I thought… ok… this sounds yum but… I am in the middle of a thermomix challenge 🙂 how am I going to incorporate this into this week’s challenge? AHA! I thought… I could make the marinade for the BBQ ribs in the thermomix 😉 I did this and then thought… hmmm??? I really feel that I have not used the thermomix enough… How funny is that… a week ago I was using Hermie the Thermie probably once a month for really basic recipes that I really could have just done in a food processor and now I can’t get enough out of it… I think my challenge is working 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Energy Drinks and Baked Beans – Day 4 Thermomix Challenge

Kids back at school today and I would have thought that my day would have had so many more hours in it… but no… for some reason it felt like less…? I suppose it is all the driving here and there and everywhere. Back to the routines and structure of the daily grind… with the kids arriving home starving! So energy drinks all round…

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Aussie Meat Pie – Day 3 Thermomix Challenge

For afternoon tea today Oliver decided that he would like to make custard in the thermomix and pour it over the left over Sticky Date Puddings (minus the caramel sauce) that we had last night 🙂 Custard is one of those things that is extremely hard to replicate when you are dairy-free and egg-free. But I must say in the thermomix this worked very similar to the real deal. It was beautiful. And will definitely be on the menu for pouring over the Christmas pudding this year. Here’s a youtube video of Oliver and the custard making process. This recipe is from the Everyday Cookbook Thermomix.


Oliver also thought that it would be a great idea to have a meat pie tonight for dinner. I have posted party pies before (click the highlight for the meat filling recipe) but this time we decided to make a family sized meat pie AND our own pastry in the thermomix – both puff pastry and shortcrust. Pastry is always difficult to make when you are working with a wheat-free flour as it doesn’t have the gluten in it and therefore it is very important not to overwork the pastry. That’s why we thought that it might be a great idea to use Hermie the Thermie to make our life easier 🙂

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