Waffles – Egg-free, Wheat-free, Dairy-free, Nut-free

We make from scratch most of our food. We never thought that we would be able to recreate a waffle that had the same taste and texture as the original. Up until last year we didn’t have to… we were able to buy a really great tasting, frozen waffle that was free of dairy, wheat, egg and nuts. Just over a year ago they disappeared off the shelves and we thought that it was just an importing problem and with time they would be back on the shelves. We enquired and found out that the little company that specialised in these yummy frozen waffles had been struck by a typhoon and their little factory destroyed. Unfortunately it was a small family owned business and inevitably the typhoon destroyed them… this left us with the dilemma that we were probably not going to eat waffles again… with the continual requests from our boys we went to work on trying to recreate a waffle recipe that would taste great and have the right consistency that all waffles must 🙂 hope that you too enjoy the Oliver’s Choice waffle recipe!

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Turkey Meatballs covered in Red Pepper Sauce

Sometimes as an allergy mum I just want to make a toastie for dinner… a toasted sandwich… a toasted sandwich with cheese, a toasted sandwich with ham and cheese, a simple egg toastie or a baked bean toastie. I’m not sure if it’s the whole ease at which this wholemeal comes that I’m so attracted to or whether it’s the ‘fast food’ element of this home made dinner. A couple of pieces of ready made bread… put into a toasted sandwich maker… with the insides of your choice… and 5 minutes later… VOILA!! Dinner is served!! I’m not sure what the allurement of it all is… but tonight… I would just love to have the choice of making the kids a ‘toastie’!

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Egg Free Meringue!

There are few things that Oliver and I have not been able to recreate in the kitchen using ingredients that are free from egg, dairy, wheat, rye, peanuts and tree nuts. But we thought that this one might get the better of us… We spoke about all things eggs recently… the constitution and make up of eggs and how they are used in different recipes. This led Oliver and I to continually think about one thing in particular that is a favourite around the world but especially in Australia… it uses mainly eggs in it’s recipe… egg whites in particular… The Aussie Pavlova or Meringue… Oliver really was intrigued to try one of these after his sugar monster of a brother told him how great they are… so we researched and researched and with the help of Oliver’s Nonna’s recipe and some creativity we think we have come up with a beautiful and tasty EGG FREE meringue 🙂

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ANZAC biscuit

The humble ANZAC biscuit is a favourite in our house with it’s wholesome but basic ingredients which makes it perfect for our family who eat free of egg, wheat, dairy, peanuts and tree nuts. For those that are not Australian or from New Zealand the acronym ANZAC was coined in 1915 when Australian and New Zealand troops trained in Egypt. ANZAC then stuck and applied for all Australian and New Zealand soldiers from World War 1 with particular association with the landing at Gallipoli on April 25, 1915. The ANZAC biscuit although eaten at different times throughout the year is baked especially around ANZAC Day (25th April) and eaten in memory of all the soldiers past and present. We will remember them.

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EGGstraordinary EGG day !~

Today is EGG DAY at school… it’s when you make just about everything that you can think of with eggs. There are so many things that you can actually make with eggs… it’s quite amazing… What does this day mean to me… because I am severely allergic to eggs it means that I get to stay home with my mum! But she is not letting me do just nothing, which is really annoying 🙁 but instead we are learning all about eggs and what eggs do in recipes so that when we are creating new recipes together we know what we need to do to substitute the egg. When we understand what the egg’s action is in the recipe we can better replace it. It’s been interesting finding out the many things that eggs are used for in cooking and baking and here are just a few that I would like to share with you…

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Speckauflauf – Bacon Pasta Bake – FREE of dairy, wheat, eggs, nuts

Oliver’s Dad and I are probably more excited about this latest creation than the kids 🙂 You know what they say… you can’t miss something that you’ve never had… Well… I think that’s the case here with Oliver… Oliver’s dad is Swiss and we were living in Switzerland in the early years of Oliver’s life… We were living there when Oliver had his first anaphylactic reaction at only 7 months. Once we had all the tests done and found out that Oliver was severely allergic to dairy, wheat, eggs, soy (at the time) and all nuts it was like living in a mind field… Gipfli (croissant), Bretzel (pretzel), Beuchermuesli, cheese, cheese, cheese, yogurt, every kind of bread you can think of and chocolate are just to name a few of the Swiss delicacies that are seen on every street corner and a staple in everyone’s house. They seemed to be everywhere… and in everything!! They would be a part of every snack and every meal… we soon learnt how to live without all these things that we loved so much… and we became very resourceful and creative so that some of our favourite dishes could be brought back into our lives… although slightly altered 😉 As for Oliver he doesn’t seem to yearn for these kinds of foods like we do… anything that’s too mock ‘creamy’ he doesn’t really like it… safe, non-dairy chocolate, he could take it or leave it… bread he isn’t fussed about, and yogurt (soy) he has grown to like after some time… so we often wonder if this is his body telling him to stay away from these tastes and textures or whether it’s a case that he doesn’t miss what he’s never had?? Recently, we were determined to recreate a family favourite of Oliver’s Dads… Specksuflauf – Creamy Bacon Pasta Bake. There was a cold snap in the weather the other week and we were craving this and we came up with gold… we managed to make something very similar that was dairy -free, egg-free and wheat-free. Hope that you like this new creation as much as we do 🙂

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Chicken Strips – Lunchbox ideas

When almost everything I put into Oliver’s and Oliver’s brother’s lunchbox is made from scratch I am sometimes overwhelmed with the lack of motivation and ideas… especially when all of the ideas have to be dairy-free, wheat-free, egg-free and nut-free… But over the years we have managed to collect a number of great ideas and things that the boys like more than others. One of Oliver’s all time favourites are crunchy chicken strips. I especially love these as they are super easy to make, don’t require many ingredients and can be eaten warm or cold. They can be eaten freshly cooked or can be frozen for freezer to lunchbox ease-ness… So here’s the recipe for you all to enjoy 🙂

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My allergy friendly birthday adventures

IT’S  MY  BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I rush down-stairs and scoff up my breakfast so fast it could have won a world record.

Then I jump on the couch and start reading. After reading for a few minutes it’s time for me to pick my best friend James up to go to Ballarat so we could go to the Ballarat Wild Life Park and then go and have my party at Ballarat go-cartting and laser force.

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Trifle – Free from Dairy, Wheat & Gluten, and Eggs… believe it or not!!

Nothing screams Aussie Summer to me more than trifle! Whether you have this at Christmas, at an Australia Day BBQ or just as a treat… this is one of my favourite Summer recipes. So I really wanted to be able to offer Oliver an opportunity to try this delicious dessert also. This year is the first time that I have been able to create a trifle that we can all enjoy together as a Christmas dessert which we will most likely have on Boxing Day with all the cold left overs which we love so much. We will have hot Christmas Pudding with custard after all the hot food on Christmas day and cold cut left overs and trifle on Boxing Day 🙂 or something like that… we can do whatever we want as we have so many choices now…

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