Versatile Muffin recipe – Thermomix

It’s always great to have a freezer to lunchbox favourite for the kids school lunch boxes and this won’t let you down. This is a great base recipe that stays fresh for days and once defrosted even though it is gluten/wheat free and egg free. You are able to make blueberry muffins, raspberry muffins, chocolate chip, cinnamon… whatever your choice is with this base recipe. Enjoy!

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Trifle – Free from Dairy, Wheat & Gluten, and Eggs… believe it or not!!

Nothing screams Aussie Summer to me more than trifle! Whether you have this at Christmas, at an Australia Day BBQ or just as a treat… this is one of my favourite Summer recipes. So I really wanted to be able to offer Oliver an opportunity to try this delicious dessert also. This year is the first time that I have been able to create a trifle that we can all enjoy together as a Christmas dessert which we will most likely have on Boxing Day with all the cold left overs which we love so much. We will have hot Christmas Pudding with custard after all the hot food on Christmas day and cold cut left overs and trifle on Boxing Day 🙂 or something like that… we can do whatever we want as we have so many choices now…

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