Sticky Date in a Mug – Dairy-free, wheat-free, egg-free, nut-free

I was talking to a friend towards the end of last term and I was asking her what she was looking forward to most about her upcoming amazing European holiday with the kids. She told me… no lunch boxes, no cooking, no washing dishes and no grocery shopping. You really don’t get a break from all of that when living with severe food allergies… there is no eating in restaurants for Oliver with the allergens he has to contend with… While away on holidays we normally stay in an apartment so that we can cook and prepare our meals in a safe environment. We recently started to go to the snow… to a special lodge that we have found that caters breakfast and dinner and there is no access to the kitchen (which would normally be my heaven). Initially we thought that this would be a problem but it has actually turned out to work in our favour. These holidays I pre prepared all of Oliver’s meals. We have access to a microwave so I knew that I could safely re heat all his meals. And by having my other son, my husband’s and my meals prepared to gourmet levels… meant that I really felt like I also had a holiday! It was amazing! Plus… and this is the BIG plus… ALL the dishes were done for us 🙂 HEAVEN!!

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